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PillBox Identifies Medication by Shape, Color, and Imprint

torsdag, maj 20th, 2010

bd schwiss PillBox Identifies Medication by Shape, Color, and ImprintIf youve been looking for a way to easily identify medication using physical characteristics PillBox is a National Institute of Health created medication catalog that searches medication by variables like size, color, shape, and more.PillBox catalogs thousands of pills based on their shape, color, size, and text imprinted upon them. You can search for single variables like shape or stack variables to search for a combination of factors like shape, width, and color. Once you find a pill that matches the one you are searching for, the FDA drug label and information is just a click away.

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Batteritid: Den eviga datatrafiken är en batteridödare

tisdag, april 27th, 2010

wetgeving binaire opties ”Att man tvingas ladda sin androidtelefon varje natt har närmast kommit att bli en ofrånkomlig sanning för alla som använder sin telefon hyggligt flitigt. Man kan för all del nå både två och tre dygn om man knappt använder telefonen överhuvudtaget, men då vi älskar våra telefoner och Android som operativsystem inbjuder till att leka med så brukar det vara en nattlig laddning som gäller.Men vad är det då som drar så mycket ström? De relativt stora skärmarna är förstås en förklaring, och de kraftfulla processorerna en annan. Därtill sitter det allt från g-sensorer till digitala kompasser och GPS-chip i telefonerna, naturligtvis tar dessa sin beskärda del av batterikakan. Men det känns ändå inte som att detta är hela sanningen, så vi beslöt oss för att testa hur stor betydelse den eviga datatrafiken – främst på grund av Androids kontinuerliga datasynkroniserande – har.”

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Rotate a Video 90 degrees with VLC or Windows Live Movie Maker

tisdag, april 27th, 2010 vlc”Have you ever captured video with your cell phone or camcorder only to discover when you play it back on your computer that the video is rotated 90 degrees? Or maybe you shot it that way on purpose because you preferred portrait style to a landscape view? Before you go straining your neck or flipping your monitor on it’s side to watch your video, we’ll show you a few easier methods.

woher kommt das geld bei binären optionen If you simply want to rotate the video while you watch it, we’ll show you how to accomplish that with VLC Media Player. If you want to convert the video so it is rotated permanently, we’ll show you how to do that with Windows Live Movie Maker and output your video as a WMV file.”

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Cleepr – Find Music Videos Online Quickly

tisdag, april 27th, 2010 ”YouTube has created a forum for all sorts of musical talent. But, the music videos are often buried in a sea of videos of cats on skateboards and the invention of ditch surfing.
A third-party search engine called Cleepr seeks to make finding music videos on YouTube a quick, seamless process—free of Fluffy imitating Tony Hawk. Plus, Cleepr searches the video collections on MySpace, MTV, DailyMotion and Kewego too.”

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Stain Solutions Finds the Cure for Removing Any Stain

tisdag, april 27th, 2010

”The University of Illinois’ Stain Solution web site gathers exhaustive remedies for hundreds of common, hard-to-remove stains in one easy-to-search resource—with surprising specificity. Did that coffee stain come with cream or no cream?

The site offers a variety of stain solutions, including for difficult ones like blood and ink (including fountain, red, and India ink). It’ll tell you exactly what kind of tools you’ll need to arm yourself with, and the procedure for removing it. Best of all, the explanations highlight how to remove the stain from different places, like from your carpet or your clothes, along with alternate methods.”