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Batteritid: Den eviga datatrafiken är en batteridödare

tisdag, april 27th, 2010

”Att man tvingas ladda sin androidtelefon varje natt har närmast kommit att bli en ofrånkomlig sanning för alla som använder sin telefon hyggligt flitigt. Man kan för all del nå både två och tre dygn om man knappt använder telefonen överhuvudtaget, men då vi älskar våra telefoner och Android som operativsystem inbjuder till att leka med så brukar det vara en nattlig laddning som gäller.Men vad är det då som drar så mycket ström? De relativt stora skärmarna är förstås en förklaring, och de kraftfulla processorerna en annan. Därtill sitter det allt från g-sensorer till digitala kompasser och GPS-chip i telefonerna, naturligtvis tar dessa sin beskärda del av batterikakan. Men det känns ändå inte som att detta är hela sanningen, så vi beslöt oss för att testa hur stor betydelse den eviga datatrafiken – främst på grund av Androids kontinuerliga datasynkroniserande – har.”

via Batteritid: Den eviga datatrafiken är en batteridödare | Swedroid.

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bTunes: a worthy iPod look-alike mp3 player for Android

tisdag, april 27th, 2010

buy tastylia Btunes main”bTunes is an iPod look-alike application for Android. The entire UI is designed after the iPhone / iPod Touch application, which is one thing Apple is most famous for. From the look and feel of the touch interface to the graphics and functionality, bTunes does leaps and bounds over the stock music player.

It’s easy to build playlists on the go, rearrange the track order within them, add and remove songs at will, and shuffle the entire mix. When the phone is in sleep mode with the screen off, bTunes has a lock-screen overlay that gives easy access to “Next Track”, “Pause” and “Previous Track” buttons, while displaying downloaded album artwork in the background. Nice.

Each time you launch the app, bTunes searches your memory card for new media files automatically, so you’re always up to date with new additions to your music collection. Use the “Recently Added” queue to then take those songs and insert them into your existing playlists.” Read more on androidandme

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How To Keep Track Of Speed & Location With Android

tisdag, april 27th, 2010 binario opzione robot 100 automatizzato software per il trading ”When traveling, or otherwise on the move, you might want to get your exact location. Not just where you are right now, or where you’re going, but also where you’ve been.
For practicing sports, this can prove quite difficult. Have you ever tried mounting a dynamo to a pair of skis? Take it from me; it does not work.
The next step takes us to radar and outdoors GPS technology. And either of those will cost you an arm and a leg.
But there’s another alternative. If you’ve got an Android phone with GPS, there are a ton of free applications that’ll let you get the location of your Android and exactly how fast you were going. Best of all? Using a GPS doesn’t cost a dime, so you can use it to suck your battery dry anywhere in the world!” read more on Tags: ,
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