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How To Keep Track Of Speed & Location With Android

tisdag, april 27th, 2010

”When traveling, or otherwise on the move, you might want to get your exact location. Not just where you are right now, or where you’re going, but also where you’ve been. opzioni binarie trading 60 secondi For practicing sports, this can prove quite difficult. Have you ever tried mounting a dynamo to a pair of skis? Take it from me; it does not work. The next step takes us to radar and outdoors GPS technology. And either of those will cost you an arm and a leg. binary options cedar finance But there’s another alternative. If you’ve got an Android phone with GPS, there are a ton of free applications that’ll let you get the location of your Android and exactly how fast you were going. Best of all? Using a GPS doesn’t cost a dime, so you can use it to suck your battery dry anywhere in the world!” read more on

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